Kaleb Nation

Kaleb Nation was first born on September 16, 1988. He was home schooled as a child and, against his own will, his mother forced him to write one page in his notebook every Friday for Creative Writing. At first, Kaleb hated it and begged his mom not to make him do it. As he explains in the video below each page counts as a chapter, and the main character's name was King Kaleb. Or, the alter ego Belak. The character King Kaleb would go under the North Pole in a submarine and meet with aliens. Soon, his mother had to set a limit on how much he wrote a day. Now, if you've read this far, we should all thank Kaleb's mother profusely and, if anyone ever meets her, give her a hug and tell her we couldn't be happier for what she did.

If you want to know more about Kaleb visit Here, or Here, or Here.

Even though it seems that all Kaleb is doing is vlogging and writing  he is also a heavy Youtuber and is the administrator of the one and only http://www.twilightguy.com 

In addition to writing, Kaleb was a former radio host. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his beloved computer and his chinchilla (named Chilla, respectively).

List of Named Objects in Kaleb's House:

1. Kaleb's Computer Chair: Sasha

If you ever have the chance to see Kaleb on Blot TV, you'll notice people will say "hi" to Sasha. This is the computer chair he is sitting in.

2. Kaleb's Roast: Man Roast

The roast Kaleb cooked back a year or two ago.

More will be added soon.


  1. Hey guys this is a great site :) I just wanted to say though that there's a mistake up in the first paragraph. I believe his alter ego was Belak (Kaleb spelt backwards), rather than Balek as you've said.

    But anyway this site is completely awesome :) I'm following.

  2. Thanks for pointing that out, Nick, we'll be sure to fix that.