Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yes, Matt and I have been gone for a while if you can't tell. And if anyone of you hop on BlogTV during one of Kaleb's chats you'll probably hear my name mentioned Jackson (Jjporter) almost every episode. We try and make it to those. We are still faithful.

Well, I just finally finished The Specter Key (Bran Hambric 2) not that it was slow or anything but I tend to read around 40 books at once, and I sat down one night and just finished it and I loved it. I'll have a video up on that probably today sometime, by the end of this week for sure.

Well, Matt and I, or at least I will get back to blogging/vlogging like, every other day maybe, or whenever Kaleb has something to post about.

I should be goin' down to Texas in a few weeks and I think I'll drop by and give Matt a visit. (Haven't met before, kinda creepy.) ANYWAY... not much update on Bran, when I asked Kaleb he said it's "still being worked on." And as far as we know "still being worked on" could mean anything from "I've typed the title of the book in the document" or "I've got like, 200 words left."

I dunno - Kaleb, you should tell us. Do a vlog dedicated to, no, I'm kidding, that'd be embarrassing, just do a vlog dedicated to the BranFans and talk about the third, we'd all like that.

Since you're probably ripping your toenails off by the end of this post, I think I'm gonna go.

Until next time,

-The Administrators