Monday, August 1, 2011

Somewhat "News" on BH3

So, there's a few things I, Matt, picked up in a video on YouTube. The video was about a Kaleb Nation signing for THE SPECTER KEY. When asked about Book 3 in the Bran Hambric series, he answered: 

"I do know what it's going to be called, but I won't say. I know everything that's going to happen; I've got about 90 pages of outlining. There's going to be a lot more crime and lot more explosions - I love explosions. Book 3 takes on a much darker tone than the other books. There are clues in the first two books  about exactly why gnomes and mages aren't allowed inside the City of Dunce; there's a much darker reason behind it. Book 3 is the shift in the series." 

And that's pretty much everything we've picked up on Book 3. Like we said earlier, though, we have no idea what the progress status is. 

More coming soon! 

-The Administrators