Wednesday, January 26, 2011

More To Come

Unfortunately, the only videos Kaleb has posted lately are 60SR (60 second rants/reviews/recaps), where Kaleb just rants, reviews, and recaps people/celebrities/things/movies. We do like the 60SRs, but we will probably post again once we hear something about Bran Hambric 3, which is currently untitled, but does have a(n) [expected] release date.

Good news: Kaleb commented on the first post, which makes this an official fan site. No, I don't think that anything says that a fan site isn't a fan site until the celebrity the fan site is based off of comments/reviews the fan site. Just go with it. You know what I mean.

Also, we don't yet know what Book 3 of the Bran Hambric series is about. We're sure Kaleb will post something about it soon, as this is around the time last year that he posted about news on THE SPECTER KEY, Book 2 of the Bran Hambric series.

If you have not yet read any of the two Bran Hambric books or seen any of Kaleb's 400 videos, YOU NEED TO! Go to YouTube and see what all the buzz is about:, and if you're just interested in vlogs then visit But not all of his vlogs are uploaded there, most of them are still on his regular YouTube channel. Or, as Jackson would say, "I advise you go jump off a cliff before you embarrass yourself any further".

This is Matt and Jackson signing off.

--The Administrators

Friday, January 14, 2011


This blog is dedicated to the young, highly talented author Kaleb Nation. To learn more about him check

There will be more to come because frankly this is in the editing process.

But, just to give you a little background, Kaleb is the author of the Bran Hambric series, which will consist six books. This young man thought of the idea of Bran Hambric on the night of March 3, 2003 (3/3/03). The first book, THE FARFIELD CURSE, released on 9/9/09. The second book, THE SPECTER KEY, released 10/10/10. We are expecting Book 3 (title unknown) to come out 11/11/11.

My name is Matt Hayes, and I converted Jackson to "Nationism". We are both avid followers of Lord Nation. We're trying to spread the word about Bran Hambric, and pretty much just get Kaleb to talk to us.

Jackson and I are both authors, and Kaleb inspires us both to write more. Though his vlogs/videos keep us up into the night, away from writing.

In addition to writing, Kaleb is a frequent vlogger, and was a former radio host. He currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona with his beloved computer and his chinchilla (named Chilla, respectively).

We're trying to get THE SPECTER KEY's cover as the background to this blog. In the meantime, just enjoy the blog as it is. As and if this blog grows we will be holding contests and giveaways, so check back often.

-- The Administrators